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Zand Herbal Formulas

The difference in ZAND herbal formulas

ZAND is the best of American and European herbal medicine combined with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine to provide you with the most balanced formulas available anywhere. ZAND has applied today's science and manufacturing technology to develop safe products using natural botanical ingredients to maintain mental and physical health. Our proprietary extraction processes are designed to deliver optimum potency, quality and consistency.

The importance of Balance

ZAND embraces Traditional Chinese Medicine principles by developing formulas that address the whole body, not just the primary illness. Many times, when one system is out of balance, so are other systems in your body. Traditional Chinese medicine embraces the importance of achieving and maintaining balance and defines good health as balance and disease or illness as loss of balance. ZAND formulas try to achieve the proper balance of herbs to create a formula suited for a broad range of people.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Quality that you can trust

ZAND has applied today’s science and manufacturing technology to develop safe products using natural botanical ingredients to maintain mental and physical health for all phases of life. ZAND products are manufactured according to the highest nutraceutical standards, in a facility operating according to FDA pharmaceutical regulations. ZAND uses proprietary extraction processes in the manufacture of its products which are designed to deliver the optimal potency, quality and consistency of each product’s ingredients to maximize their full health benefits.

  • FDA registered facility
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices and Standard Operating Procedures (cGMPs and SOPs) cGMP compliant
  • Proprietary extraction processes
  • Clinically developed

Certified Organic

Helping Preserve a Healthy Planet

For over 25 years, ZAND has been committed to supporting the herbal industry, herb growers and vendors with a commitment to organic, pesticide-free, sustainable agricultural practices, and through long-term purchase and growing agreements. These efforts help to ensure growth of the herbal supply chain, the quality of herbs for our products, and more importantly, help to maintain a healthy and balanced planet.

Organic certification is your guarantee that the ingredients used in our organic products have been grown and processed according to strict guidelines, without the use of synthetic pesticides or other toxic chemicals. You can feel confident that ZAND’s use of organic ingredients assists in restoring, preserving, and enhancing ecological harmony.

ZAND…Bring Balance to your Body…..and your planet.

For More Information

If you would like more information about our company or our products, our contact information is provided below:

Wellness Group
11202 N 24th Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85029

Telephone: 800-643-7251

Products by Zand Herbal Formulas

Wondering what cleansing is all about?  And our popular Insure Immune Support (previously Insure Herbal)? Simply click on the Products category you would like to know more about for an overview and complete listing of ZAND products. You’ll discover the unique ingredients included in ZAND products such as our Insure Immune Support, Quick Cleanse Kit, Herbal Lozenges—and our new Liquid Supplements! Each ZAND formula combines the optimum potency of key ingredients with a blend of supportive herbs to restore and maintain the body’s natural state of balance.

Bring balance to your body with ZAND—and enjoy!
Bringing balance to your body… since 1978!

ZAND Herbal Formulas and Extracts are sold in natural products stores throughout the United States and Canada.